7 Rules for Good Health

It’s been awhile since my last post… Life has been busy! I was doing some pondering this past weekend and decided to write a general post about good health. Back to the basics! -Sam

Living healthy is all about lifestyle changes – ensuring a disciplined life and a happy soul. Good health is not just about physical well-being but is also about a happy and peaceful mind. Mental health has a major role in ensuring over good health of an individual. Let’s have a brief look into different ways which can ensure our good health.

Think About Your Diet:

Unhealthy diet or one which is rich in highly processed foods available easily in the supermarkets might taste delicious, but they are extremely bad for your body. Why have foods high in preservatives, sugar or additives – instead, stick to fresh fruits, vegetables and dairy which are right in nutrients.

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Have Frequent Small Meals:

Never skip your meals, especially when you are dieting. Skipping meals, especially breakfast causes storing up of fats. Besides, having heavy meals isn’t recommended as it takes times to digest and often leads to indigestion. Having small meals in a day, helps in ensuring you have a healthy metabolism and your body is fit.

Exercise Regularly:

Having a healthy and nutritious diet isn’t enough, if you do not exercise regularly. Regular exercises help in improving the blood circulation, keeps away fat and improves the flexibility of the body. You can do a few aerobic workouts which include brisk walks, on-spot jumping and jogging. Exercising 30 minutes in a day is good enough.

Meditate Daily:

People often reveal that they find it difficult to find time for meditation. It might be challenging to find that quiet corner at home, especially if you have children. But remember, even 10 minutes of meditation does make a huge difference. Just close your eyes and you need to take a few deep breaths. You can easily get rid of anxiety and stress with just a few minutes of meditation. It makes a person sleep better, happier and youthful.

Sleep Enough:

Mobile phones, televisions and professional commitments are one of the reasons why many people stay up late at night and wake early as well. However, sleep deprivation can be quite unhealthy and lead to serious complications. Our body needs 8 hours of sleep daily. If we are sleep deprived, it can lead to low levels of energy, irritability, drowsiness and even can cause a change in the personality. 

Stay Hydrated:

Dehydration can be risky and in the long run can have serious consequences. Keep a bottle of work close-by if you have a lot of desk job to do. Keep drinking water at regular intervals of times. All our organs need water for their proper functioning, especially the kidneys. Our kidneys need water to flush away the toxins and other wastes from the body. Besides, water is needed to maintain the elasticity of our skin as well.

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Stop Smoking Immediately:

Do you smoke? If you smoke even once in a day, you need to stop it immediately. Smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol are two bad habits which are extremely bad for the body. If you are looking forward to a happy and fulfilling life, you need to cut down a few bad habits.

8 Chiropractic Blogs to Check Out in 2019

Are you looking forward to chiropractic blogs of 2019? There are scores of blogs which offer helpful information, facts and tips which are helpful. These blogs provide all information related to the latest in chiropractic care, treatment techniques and are aimed towards a healthy living. Here is a brief selection of a few of those blogs, which you can check out – remember, there are many more out there, with all the information you need.

Honeycrisp Health Illustration

Adolph & Kalkstein Chiropractic

This blog is quite popular and posted once in a week. It offers affordable, convenient and chiropractic care. The blog caters to people suffering from back and neck pain or those who are suffering from auto accidents and sports injuries.

Sport & Spine Rehab – Chiropractic | Physical Therapy | Rehab

The blog is about sports and spine rehab. It offers comprehensive care through effective patient education, which helps in eliminating symptoms, helps in restoring full function and promotes a healthy lifestyle. The blog is posted once in a month.

Columbia Advanced Chiropractic

The blog focuses on a few specific conditions or treatments which include plantar fasciitis and dry needling. In case you find there is a bit of straying from the topic, you should know that it must be discussing a few theoretical models which are known to support such treatment.

Patient Media

The blog was founded by Bill Esteb. This blog is best known for its Monday Morning Motivation, its immensely helpful weekly tips through which chiropractors talk about their inspiration and also on what needs improvement in their practice, including the addition of Subluxation techniques. Besides this, Patient Media also has several blog posts which explore insightful topics which includes the importance of listening patiently to what patients have to say.


If you have a look at their blog, you will notice that their slogan is raw chiropractic information, tricks and tips which can help in growing your practice. The company has its annual ChiroSushi summits where entrepreneurs, chiropractors and business experts get together. They discuss how chiropractors can grow their practices, improve their skills and bring in development professionally. The blog is popular for its fresh, conversational tone. The blog posts industry advice, strategies for marketing and studies various patient scenarios.

Planet Chiropractic – Content for the Chiropractic Minded

This blog is quite helpful for those who are looking forward to improving their chiropractic practice. It has all the information needed for more efficient and effective practice. The blog helps students, staff and other chiropractors to understand the essence of chiropractic lifestyle. The blog is posted once in a month.

Lyn Lake Chiropractic – Chiropractic Health & Wellness Blog

This interesting blog is about improving lifestyle with the sole objective of reducing illnesses and pain. The blog has all the latest information, news and events from the Lyn Lake Chiropractic.

Chiro One Wellness Centers – Be Well

Through this blog, an effort is made to share all proactive possibilities and preventive ideas for spinal adjustments with patients. The blog is updated twice a week. Its main objective is to improve the overall health and performance of individuals.…

How Can I live longer? 8 Tips

Alright, so I know this isn’t EXACTLY about mental health… but all health is related, and it’s important we start with the basics. Do you know that by doing just a few things daily, you might help in slowing down your biological clock? You can be in your 30’s, 40’s or even 60’s – remember, it’s never too late to start. With just a few changes in your lifestyle, you can live longer and stay healthy.

Healthy Diet – You need to eat healthy and avoid all junk food and sugary items. Your diet needs to be rich in whole grains. Include lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet. You need to substitute healthy mono-saturated as well as polyunsaturated fats for saturated fats and also trans fats. You need to keep away from all fried foods.

Close-up of Salad in Plate

Stop Overeating – If you wish to live longer, you should stop overeating at once. Make it a habit to leave a little food behind. It is in fact, good if you stop eating when you are 80% full. It is known that when you eat less, it helps you to age slowly. So, why not give it a try. Eat a bit less and you might just slow down the aging process.

Be Socially Active – Do you know that being social active can actually help in boosting your longevity? When you meet new people, interact, share your experiences, it helps in managing stress. Good relationships bring in a satisfaction, which helps with positivity. Bad relationships can put you in a negative state of mind and make you feel depressed. Depression can lower your immunity level and reduce your motivation to live. A happy soul lives longer and happier.

Group of People Raising Right Hand

Sleep Adequately – If you want to live long and healthily, you need to sleep for at least 8 hours in a day. Research reveals that sleeping less which is less than six hours or sleeping more which can be more than 9 hours can increase health risks. Our brain needs rest for its proper functioning and to repair problems in the body.

Reduce Stress – Just like anger, stress can actually take a toll on your body. It can reduce your lifespan. If you wish to live longer, you need to reduce your stress at the earliest. There are many ways to reduce stress. You can start doing things which make you happy. Start developing happy, read books, listen to your favorite music or spend time with your friends and family.

Photo of a Woman thinking about going to the chiropractor's

Stop Smoking – To live long and have a healthy life, you need to stop smoking. Smoking is injurious for health. It is one of the leading causes of emphysema, lung problems, stroke and also heart diseases. If you smoke for a long time, you might face breathing problems as you exercise.

Exercise Regularly – Do you know that exercising regularly can help you to stay fit and for a long-time. Exercising regularly helps in maintaining the metabolic rate of your body. Blood circulation improves and fitness is assured.

Man In Red Tank Top Jumping

Intake your Alcohol Moderately – Heavy alcohol consumption is often linked to pancreatic diseases, heart problems and liver. It increases risk of early death.

Last, but not the least, do everything that makes you stay happy. Staying happy helps in increasing your life and staying healthy!

Time to Talk about Mental Health

One of the best things about internet is that it opens the doors for discussion or conversation on mental health! It’s a convenient platform or a forum to talk unreservedly about mental health problems.

Unfortunately, mentally health is still one of those topics which are still not discussed as openly. Its time to change – lets talk about mental health, it’s sometimes really hard to start the conversation on mental health, but it’s extremely important.

Grayscale Photography of Woman Touching Her Eyes

Why is it still a stigma?

Issues with mental health aren’t something unusual or rare. In fact, it is known that 4 out of 10 people are affected with the issues, at some point of time or the other. However, the problem is that we do not feel comfortable to discuss – a hesitation, a feeling of embarrassment and fear of being secluded, is what keeps most people away.

Educating people about mental health, especially those who are battling the stigma is of utmost importance. Mental health issues are just like any other physical ailment which needs diagnosis and treatment. We are in need of dedicated bloggers and also writers, who will cover issues on mental health, who will help to think progressively to build a world, where mental health issues are taken quite seriously.

Talking About Mental Health – Get Started Now!

Person Leaning on Wall

Never feel under any pressure to talk about mental health problems, but remember that talking about mental health problems can actually be good for your health. If you feel you can start talking about mental health problems, get started right away!

Know the signs: How do you realize you have mental health issues?

  • Do you often feel sad, low or unhappy without any reason?
  • Do you often have thoughts of hurting or killing yourself or someone else?
  • Do you feel fearful or suspicious often?
  • Do you feel you have a changed personality?
  • Are you missing your school, college or office?

Finding the Person:

Mental health should never be ignored! You need to find a person whom you can trust!

You need to find someone who listens to you, someone who can help you plan your next step and help you feel better and happy.

Time to End the Mental Health Discrimination:

Mental health issues like depression cannot be seen, but that doesn’t mean that they do not exist! Of course, they majorly influence the quality of life of not just those who suffer from the condition, but also for the friends and family. Its hard to feel how it is to live with anxiety and depression – its quite like a weight pulling the body down. Its something most people are not comfortable talking about openly. It’s quite a social stigma, which works like a taboo.

Man in Blue and Brown Plaid Dress Shirt Touching His Hair

It’s the time to change!

Talking openly about mental health issues and expressing all fears and concerns can help in breaking the stereotype and removing the taboo. The internet is flooded with articles, blogs, journals and wonderful resources, helping people to slowly deal with the mental condition!…