About Us

We are a group of five friends, trying to develop a community, where everyone is free from mental health complexities!

Mental health problems have become quite like an epidemic these days! Try a brief survey and you will find that every family has at least one member suffering from mental illness. Sometimes symptoms are prominent while most of the time, its just that ‘feeling of low’, feeling out of focus, anxious, depressed, sad..low and so on! Unlike physical ailments which are never ignored, there is often a stigma associated with mental sickness!

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Why? Maybe we are habituated to think like that, which needs to be changed right away!

Our blog is an attempt to focus on issues related to mental health! Through our blog, we hope to help people find out unique ways to speak about their emotions, their wellness, their mental concerns and their life. In fact, we believe in the fact that “Sadness is consoling because this is a point from where nothing can get worse” It’s a phase, from where one can get better, feel positive and be happy. We just need to find ways, help one another and start living each day of our lives.

Through our background in creative writing, our deep interest in mental health issues and our love for all those who are silently suffering, we hope to build a positive environment! It’s an effort to help people tackle their daily worries, come out of mental trauma and lead a happy content life.

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Our blog is just the right platform for those who wish to improve their mental health and feel better!

Keep reading & let’s join hands to fight the vicious cycle of mental illness.

We invite stories, comments and experiences to make our blog richer and a helpful resource.